City of Santa Fe Groundwater Level Monitoring

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In 1986, the USGS, in cooperation with the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer and the City of Santa Fe, drilled two well nests (Santa Fe nest 1 and Santa Fe nest 2) to monitor hydraulic head in the local aquifer systems. In 1987, three more well nests (Santa Fe nests 3, 4, and 5) were installed in the Buckman well field. In 1997, the City of Santa Fe partnered with the USGS to more closely monitor water levels in the City of Santa Fe and the Buckman well field. In 2007, two more piezometer nests (Buckman Road  and Las Campanas) were added to the network.


  • Collect continuous water-level data from data loggers at four sites with one piezometer, every two months.
  • Collect discrete water levels at eight wells in three nests in the Buckman well field.
  • Measure water levels by using pressure-gage readings in wells in which water levels are above land surface.
  • Maintain collected data in USGS databases.
  • Make all data available on line



Provide the City of Santa Fe with continuous water-level data from three piezometers in the Sangre de Cristo Water Company Yard (SF1 A, B, C ), two piezometer sites in the Buckman well field (SF2 B, C and Buckman 1, 2,and 3), and at Las Campanas 1, 2 and 3. Additionally, discrete water-levels are collected at SF3 A, B, C; SF4 A, B, C; and SF5 B and C in the Buckman well field near the Rio Grande.