Groundwater-Level Monitoring in Middle Rio Grande Basin Piezometers

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In 1996, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer and the Albuquerque Bernallilo County Water Utility Authority, began a drilling program to install specialized monitoring wells in the Middle Rio Grande Basin. The purpose of the program is to monitor hydraulic head at specific depths in the aquifer (fig. 1). Most of these specialized wells, called piezometers, are located in areas between major water-production wells so that data collected are more representative of general conditions in the aquifer rather than conditions influenced primarily by the daily on-and-off cycles of the production wells. Because hydraulic head varies vertically as well as horizontally throughout the aquifer system, piezometers are completed at different depths, typically in groups of three (fig. 1). Hydraulic head is monitored by continuously measuring the depth to water in each piezometer and recording a measurement every hour. To ensure the accuracy of the recording device, measurements are made by hand every 4 to 8 weeks using steel or electric tape.

Albuquerque Wells Map, USGS New Mexico Water Science Center

Locations of wells within the Albuquerque Basin, USGS New Mexico Water Science Center

(Public domain.)

Comparison of water levels from year to year can show trends in water-level decline or recovery in the aquifer system. Data from each piezometer in the network are viewable by way of the links listed below. Data for individual sites can be obtained by selecting the site number below


343753106430601   05N.03E.28.411 NANCY LOPEZ

343753106430602   05N.03E.28.411A NANCY LOPEZ

344431106393401   06N.03E.18.442 TOME SITE

344431106393402   06N.03E.18.442A TOME SITE

344431106393403   06N.03E.18.442B TOME SITE

345650106415901   08N.02E.02.413 ISLETA SITE

345650106415902   08N.02E.02.413A ISLETA SITE

345650106415903   08N.02E.02.413B ISLETA SITE

345650106415904   08N.02E.02.413C ISLETA SITE

345758106364001   09N.03E.34.231 MESA DEL SOL

345758106364002   09N.03E.34.231A MESA DEL SOL

345758106364003   09N.03E.34.231B MESA DEL SOL

345842106443101   09N.02E.28.312 Niese Road 1

345842106443102   09N.02E.28.312A Niese Road 2

345842106443103   09N.02E.28.312B Niese Road 3

350056106370102   09N.03E.10.334A MONTESSA SITE

350056106370103   09N.03E.10.334B MONTESSA SITE

350100106405701   09N.02E.12.433 Rio Bravo Park 1

350100106405702   09N.02E.12.433A RIO BRAVO P

350244106450201   10N.02E.32.433 Westgate Heights Park 1

350244106450202   10N.02E.32.433A Westgate Heights Park 2

350244106450203   10N.02E.32.433B Westgate Heights Park 3

350256106390801   10N.03E.32.314 SAN JOSE NO. 9

350307106410601   T10N.R02E.36.321A PROJECTED ARMIJO WELL 1

350307106410602   T10N.R02E.36.321B PROJECTED ARMIJO WELL 2

350359106254701   10N.05E.29.11431 DEAD MANS CURVE

350534106354701   10N.03E.14.324 DEL SOL DIVIDER

350534106354702   10N.03E.14.324A DEL SOL DIVIDER

350534106354703   10N.03E.14.324B DEL SOL DIVIDER

350545106335901   10N.04E.18.133A JERRY CLINE

350545106335902   10N.04E.18.133B JERRY CLINE

350545106335903   10N.04E.18.133C JERRY CLINE

350638106413701   10N.02E.11.244 WEST BLUFF NO. 1

350638106413702   10N.02E.11.244A WEST BLUFF NO. 1

350638106413703   10N.02E.11.244B WEST BLUFF NO. 1

350638106413704   10N.02E.11.244C WEST BLUFF NO. 2

350638106413705   10N.02E.11.244D WEST BLUFF NO. 2

350638106413706   10N.02E.11.244E WEST BLUFF NO. 2

350653106311601   10N.04E.09.214 MATHESON MIDDLE SCHOOL

350653106311602   10N.04E.09.214A MATHESON MIDDLE SCHOOL

350653106311603   10N.04E.09.214B MATHESON MIDDLE SCHOOL

350706106390301   10N.03E.05.341 GARFIELD PARK

350706106390302   10N.03E.05.341A GARFIELD PARK

350706106390303   10N.03E.05.341B GARFIELD PARK

350836106395401   11N.03E.31.21311A Montano-6 973-978' screen

350836106395402   11N.03E.31.21311B Montano 6 826-831 ft. screen

350836106395403   11N.03E.31.21311C Montano 6 558-603 ft. screen

350836106395404   11N.03E.31.21311D Montano 6 172-177 ft. screen

350908106344401   11N.03E.25.322 SISTER CITIES

350908106344402   11N.03E.25.322A SISTER CITIES

350910106414801   11N.03E.26.243 SIERRA VISTA

350910106414802   11N.03E.26.243A SIERRA VISTA

350910106414803   11N.03E.26.243B SIERRA VISTA

351114106330601   11N.04E.18.222 NOR ESTE

351114106330602   11N.04E.18.222A NOR ESTE

35111410633060     11N.04E.18.222B NOR ESTE

351201106400501   11N.03E.07.141 HUNTERS RIDGE NO. 1

351201106400502   11N.03E.07.141A HUNTERS RIDGE NO. 1

351201106400503   11N.03E.07.141B HUNTERS RIDGE NO. 1

351201106400504   11N.03E.07.141C HUNTERS RIDGE NO. 2

351201106400505   11N.03E.07.141D HUNTERS RIDGE NO. 2

351201106400506   11N.03E.07.141E HUNTERS RIDGE NO. 2

351357106323001   12N.04E.29.433 SANDIA SITE

351357106323002   12N.04E.29.433A SANDIA SITE

351357106323003   12N.04E.29.433B SANDIA SITE

351515106410401   12N.02E.24.144 LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL

351515106410402   12N.02E.24.144A LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL

351515106410403   12N.02E.24.144B LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL

351821106333901   13N.04E.31.343 BERNALILLO SITE

351821106333902   13N.04E.31.343A BERNALILLO SITE PIEZ 2