NMWSC Groundwater Data Program

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Historic and current groundwater data may be used to help guide water management in New Mexico. Groundwater levels measured by the USGS provide the public, State, and Federal agencies, and cooperators with reliable and impartial information. 

5-year water level networks, New Mexico Water Science Center

New Mexico Water Science Center

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Operate and maintain a groundwater monitoring network consisting of:

  • Rotating measurement of discrete water levels in New Mexico basins every 5 years
  • Annual and semi-annual measurements of discrete water levels in selected basins
  • Continuous measurement of water levels in 4 recorder wells throughout the state



Collect accurate and reliable groundwater data throughout New Mexico and provide the data to cooperators and the public as promptly as possible via published reports and a publicly accessible database.


Data are published on USGS NWIS web:


NMWSC Groundwater Data Program, New Mexico Water Science Center