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Documenting the loss of ice among the glaciers of Glacier National Park has become an integral part of the USGS Climate Change in Mountain Ecosystems program.  Repeating historic photographs augments research and provides an effective means of visually communicating climate change.  The USGS encourages volunteer photographers to participate in capturing and submitting repeat photographs of glaciers to expand the USGS’ photo documentation of glaciers throughout the park. 

Get Involved in the USGS Repeat Photography Project!

A person sets up a repeat photograph of Blackfoot Glacier in Glacier National Park.

A person sets up a repeat photograph of Blackfoot Glacier in Glacier National Park.

Your photographs could help the USGS expand their collection of repeat photographs of glaciers in Glacier National Park.  Documenting the loss of ice and changing landscapes in Glacier National Park is a valuable component of the USGS Climate Change in Mountain Ecosystems program.  With a short window of time to photograph glacier margins, and limited staff to traverse the park in search of photos points, the involvement of volunteer photographers allows the USGS to expand collection of contemporary photographs that comprise the USGS Repeat Photography Project.  Participation involves printing historic photos from the list below, locating and photographing the repeat photo, and submitting photos and copyright agreement (see protocol for detailed instructions).  Volunteers must adhere to Glacier National Park's backcountry camping fees, regulations and advanced reservation policies.    

Please note: The content of this website is for educational purposes only and how an individual/party uses it is not the responsibility of the USGS. Each individual/party that uses the information to access repeat photography locations is doing so voluntarily and is under no contract or agreement with the USGS, and is not in any way representing the USGS or the Federal government. By accessing, downloading and using information on this website, the individual/party agrees to be responsible for their activities and actions, including personal safety. As a federal agency, USGS liability is limited by the Federal Tort Claims Act, codified at 28 USC 2671 et seq.

Getting the Shot

USGS scientist shoots a repeat photograph of Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park to illustrate glacial recession due to impacts of climate change.Lisa McKeon, USGS

Submission of your photographs to the USGS requires that you agree to the copyright release, thereby including the images in the public domain consistent with USGS policy. Accepted photographs will be archived as a visual record and they may also be used in USGS publications, presentations, websites and exhibitions of photo pairs. USGS will credit the photographer when the image is used.

While most of the images linked from this website are in the public domain, the images from the University of Montana are provided under the restriction that these high resolution versions be used solely for the scientific purpose of relocating the photograph, under the guidelines set forth in the protocol provided on this page. For information about other uses and permission, please visit the University of Montana Archive & Special Collections website. Photo numbers included in each photograph’s filename (eg 486.IX.067.070) may be used as identifiers when searching the U of M collections for these specific photos.

Thank you for your interest in helping the USGS compile a contemporary photographic record of the glaciers of Glacier National Park. We will be interested in seeing what your hikes among the mountains and glaciers reveal.

For your trip - please download and read the following:

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Historic Photos to be Repeated

Map of glaciers to be repeated for Volunteer Photographers in Glacier National Park.

Map of glaciers to be repeated for Volunteer Photographers in Glacier National Park.

Ahem Glacier

Blackfoot Glacier

Chaney Glacier

Grinnell Glacier

Harrison Glacier

Ipasha Glacier

Blackfoot-Jackson 1914

Blackfoot-Jackson 1914E.C. Stebinger, Glacier NPPublic domain

Jackson Glacier

Old Sun Glacier

Blackfoot-Jackson 2009 color

Blackfoot-Jackson 2009 colorLisa McKeon , USGSPublic domain

Pumpelly Glacier

Rainbow Glacier

Shepard Glacier

Sperry Glacier

Two Ocean Glacier

Vulture Glacier



Sources of Historic Photographs:

Repeat Photography

Glacier Retreat in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA