Landscape Change Photography

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Repeat photography is being used by the CCME program to document landscape change. Glaciers have been the primary focus of this park-wide survey and this collection of repeat photographs, available for download on the CCME website, have been used to illustrate the effects of climate change in venues across the globe. These powerful images, with their inherent ease of interpretation, have become icons of climate change. Researchers will continue to expand the collection of repeat photographs of glaciers as well as panoramic photos from fire lookouts in an effort to document landscape change in this period of dramatic climate warming.

Repeat Photography: This site serves a collection of repeat photographs of glaciers in Glacier National Park, most of which depict dramatic glacial recession. Images can be viewed and downloaded in several formats and at low or high resolution.

Additional sites related to this project include:


Panoramic photographs (link coming soon) of Glacier National Park. This site serves a collection of infrared and panchromatic photographs of Glacier National Park that were taken around 1935 with an Osborne photo-recording transit. The photographs can be viewed individually or users may take a virtual tour of several lookouts by retrieving interactive panoramic views.


Gigapixel photographs of Glacier National Park. View and dynamically explore high resolution gigapixel images of Glacier National Park with GigaPan panoramas taken by CCME staff. This collection of images serves as landscape documentation and as an interactive forum for public exploration of Glacier National Park’s changing landscapes. 


Additional sites related to this project include:  Repeat photography teacher trunk