Swiftcurrent Glacier 1910 - 2016

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In 1910, the year Glacier National Park was established, Swiftcurrent Glacier filled this hanging valley just below the Continental Divide.  In 2016, it is obvious where the glacier has receded from the cliff edge and lateral moraine that once defined its extent.  Swiftcurrent fire lookout can be seen on top of the pyramid-shaped mountain in the 2016 photo.  

Please respect the photographer: When using these photographs, please credit the photographer and source (eg. T.J. Hileman, courtesy of Glacier National Park Archives). The paired images at the top of this page are examples of proper crediting for each photo.

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Swiftcurrent Glacier 1910 - 2016 animation
Swiftcurrent Glacier 1910 - 2016 animation
(Public domain.)


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