Demographic analysis of waterfowl populations

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Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC) has a long history of conducting broad-scale demographic analyses on available waterfowl. Our current efforts are collaborative with a variety of partners. Current studies include: 1) analysis of banding data for lesser scaup to inform the role of harvest on the continental population; 2) analysis of North American survey information of mallards to identify consistent hot and cold spots of density to inform conservation activities; 3) analysis of mid-continent waterfowl harvest information to identify predictable drivers of recruitment; 4) evaluation of the North American survey for sources of changing bias in survey methods; and (5) evaluation of Conservation Reserve Program plantings for waterfowl nesting. NPWRC recognizes the cultural and socioeconomic importance of waterfowl in North America, and each of these analyses are conducted in order to inform pressing conservation decisions that are made by partners.