Demographic response of least terns and piping plovers to the 2011 Missouri River Flood

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The largest recorded flood event on the Missouri River occurred during 2011. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center recently concluded a study that evaluated effects of that flood on least tern and piping plover breeding populations. These federally-listed species nest on riverine sandbars and reservoir shorelines.  Since construction of the dams on the Missouri River there have been few floods of a magnitude great enough to create sandbar habitat for these species.  We collected breeding productivity data of least terns and piping plovers during 2012­­–2014.  We compared estimates of breeding population, nest success, and chick survival at the Garrison River Segment and Lake Sakakawea to estimates from data we collected there from 2006­–2008. These comparisons informed the Corps about how quickly newly-created habitat is used and provide information about how long quality habitat persists.