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Water Use and Availability

The U.S. Geological Survey established the National Water-Use Information Program in 1977 to collect uniform, current, and reliable information on water use. The USGS has compiled national estimates every 5 years since 1950. The most recent national water use compilation is for 2010. The Oklahoma Water Science Center of the USGS and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board participate in a cooperative program to collect and publish water-use information for Oklahoma. Data contained in this web page were made available through the cooperative program.

Water-use data for the 2015 has been published.
Estimated use of water in the United States in 2015
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Information Resources
Water Use in the United States
Glossary of Water-Use Terms
National Handbook on Water Data Acquistion

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Date published: January 1, 2017
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Other Reports and Data Releases

The Oklahoma Water Science Center publishes water-information reports on many topics and in many formats. From this Web page, you can locate, view, download, or order scientific and technical articles and reports as well as general interest publications such as booklets, fact sheets, pamphlets, and posters resulting from the research performed by our scientists and partners.