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Date published: July 28, 2016
Status: Active

Urban Hydrology Stormwater Management

Hydrogeologic reconnaissance, well inventory, and site-specific aquifer test data are needed in order for managers
to assess whether use of stormwater injection wells is technically or economically feasible for Class V underground
injection, file necessary permit applications, and begin the process of developing the necessary engineering design
specifications. Sanitation...

Date published: July 13, 2016
Status: Active

Louisville Aquifer

The Louisville Water Company is using riverbank filtration wells to draw water from the Ohio River through the aquifer at their B.E. Payne Water Treatment Plant near Prospect, Kentucky. The northeast portion of the alluvium— a 6.4-mi reach running from Beargrass Creek upriver to Harrods Creek is an especially prolific water-bearing formation with the total groundwater storage in the area...

Date published: July 12, 2016
Status: Active

Advanced Mapping Technologies

USGS is developing new and innovative ways to map the world around us. 

Contacts: Justin Boldt, Jeremiah Lant