Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Water Science Center

Water Availability

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Date published: October 13, 2017
Status: Active

Water Use - Ohio Kentucky Indiana

The USGS National Water-Use Information Program collects data about the quantities of water withdrawn for specific uses: public supply, domestic, industrial, mining, thermoelectric power, irrigation, livestock, and aquaculture. On a broader scale, we research how humans interact with the hydrologic cycle throuugh water withdrawal, water delivery, consumptive use, return flows, wastewater reuse...

Date published: July 12, 2017
Status: Active

Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Collaboration Partners

One of the strongest ways to ensure that science is done effectively and efficiently in the midst of ever decreasing budgets is to collaborate.

Date published: September 16, 2016
Status: Active

Glacial Aquifer System - Hydrogeologic Properties

Water-well drillers’ records are used to create maps and grids of hydrogeologic properties for the glaciated United States.

Contacts: Randall Bayless
Date published: September 15, 2016
Status: Active

Monitoring Of Groundwater Levels And Surface-Water Quality At The South Well Field, Franklin County, Ohio

The City of Columbus operates 5 high-capacity collector wells to extract groundwater for drinking-water supply. To assist the City, the USGS monitors water levels in 5 observation wells and operates a water-quality monitor on the Scioto River where specific conductance, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity are measured on an hourly basis. In addition, groundwater-level synoptic...

Date published: July 28, 2016
Status: Active

Urban Hydrology Stormwater Management

Hydrogeologic reconnaissance, well inventory, and site-specific aquifer test data are needed in order for managers
to assess whether use of stormwater injection wells is technically or economically feasible for Class V underground
injection, file necessary permit applications, and begin the process of developing the necessary engineering design
specifications. Sanitation...

Date published: July 12, 2016
Status: Active

Advanced Mapping Technologies

USGS is developing new and innovative ways to map the world around us. 

Contacts: Justin Boldt, Jeremiah Lant