Indiana National Water-Quality Assessment Project

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Staff have been sampling Sugar Creek at New Palestine and the White River at Hazleton heavily since the USGS National Water-Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) pilot study in 1991. We have collected 26 years of nutrient, pesticide, major ions, and sediment data at these sites.  Our intensive data collection is critical to the science and results published by the NAWQA program.

Zach Razor collecting water-quality samples at White River at Hazleton, IN

For more than 25 years, we have been sampling Sugar Creek at New Palestine and the White River at Hazleton for nutrients, pesticides, major ions, and sediment.  We also sample groundwater throughout the state. Our long-term data set is a key component of the USGS National Water-Quality Program (formerly the National Water-Quality Assessment Program or NAWQA).

Water-Quality Sites

Sugar Creek at New Palestine, IN (site no 03361650): Real-Time Data || Water-Quality Samples 

White River at Hazleton, IN (site no 03374100): Real-Time Data || Water-Quality Samples

How is our data used?

USGS Water Quality Tracking Web Site: This web site summarizes the status and trends of the Nation's surface water quality. Summaries of our water-quality data are included in this web site.

Pesticide Detection Methods: In 2012, we collected side-by-side sets of samples to be analyzed for pesticides. These samples sets were analyzed with the tradiitional method and with a new pesticide method. The development of this new method for analyzing pesticides would not have been possible without the excellent work from our team.

SPARROW: SPARROW is a decision support tool for watershed managers. The SPARROW model uses watershed attributes, such as the data we collect, to predict water quality.

Sediment Data Portal: Sediment data from across the Nation are available from this map-driven web site.

Watershed Regression for Pesticides (WARP): This web map application uses pesticide data collected over several years in the NWQP network to make predictions for streams all over the nation that are not modeled.


Aubrey Bunch collecting water-quality samples at White River at Hazleton, IN