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A Super Gage is a conventional streamflow gage equipped with continuous water-quality monitors. Super gages provide real-time data specifically designed to improved our understanding of watershed processes and to address specific water-resource issues such as climate and land-use effects, water-related human health issues, floods and droughts, or hazardous substance spills. Our ability to model estimates of continuous data (sediment surrogates) and continuous nitrate data help improve estimates of loads to downstream critical areas such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes.

Water-quality equipment from supergage Ohio River at Olmsted KY

Super gage equipment at Ohio RIver at Olmsted, KY

Super gages are a regular streamgage equipped with continous water-quality monitoring equipment. The combination of water-quality and streamflow data give our hydrologists the ability to study the complete profile of the water body. We have a network of 16 super gages in Indiana and Kentucky.

What types of equipment do we use in a super gage?

  • Water-quality sondes
  • Ultraviolet nitrate sensor
  • Automated phosphate analyzer

How do we know the super gages are functioning correctly?

We do representative stream-width and depth-integrated sampling to verify the super gage data and to collect data for surrogate models.

What's a surrogate model?

We develop surrogate models by

  • comparing in-stream values to discrete values then
  • develop a regression model to estimate concentrations during non-sampled periods.

From the surrogate model, we get computed or estimated concentrations of a constituent of greater interest.

Super gage at Kankakee River at Davis, IN

Super gage at Kankakee River at Davis, IN

Want to know more?

We have a super gage web page for all of our super gages with more information and links to the data.

You also can view our super gages on a map.