Geophysical Logging of Dockum Aquifer

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To aid in the understanding of the Dockum aquifer, USGS will collect borehole geophysical logs at multiple Dockum wells. All geophysical logs will be reviewed to assess lithology and groundwater quality changes.

The High Plains Water District is tasked with protecting current groundwater supplies and assessing new sources of groundwater. The district has started a new project to assess the Dockum aquifer as a potential new source of groundwater; however, little data exists for the Dockum aquifer in parts of the district.

USGS will collect multiple borehole geophysical logs at open hole and cased wells in Castro, Deaf Smith, Parmer, and nearby counties in Texas.  All geophysical logs collected will be used to assist in subsurface characterization and understanding of the Dockum aquifer.