Subsidence Science in Texas - Overview

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The USGS Texas Water Science Center (TXWSC) has researched land-surface subsidence for more than 40 years. TXWSC collects and interprets groundwater level and aquifer sediment compaction data to understand the effects of groundwater withdrawal on land surface subsidence.


TXWSC has expertise in subsidence science applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Modeling of land subsidence
  • Routine measuring of water levels in a large well network (more than 700 wells)
  • Developing regional depictions of groundwater levels
  • Incorporating groundwater-level data into geographic information system (GIS) to construct regional water-level altitude and water-level change contour maps.
  • Mapping applications that allow users to view annual water-level altitudes, water-level changes over time, and historical time series of compaction data.


Find out more about TXWSC groundwater science expertise in this printable information sheet.


Screen shot of the Texas Gulf Coast Groundwater and Land Subsidence Program web application

Texas Gulf Coast Groundwater and Land Subsidence Web Application

This USGS viewer shows how water levels have changed over time and how groundwater demands have affected land subsidence in the region. Scientists created this tool using the largest subsidence data set in the US with more than 40 years of groundwater and compaction observations. 



Houston Area Groundwater Level and Subsidence Monitoring