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“Water On-the-Go” is a map-based web application that gives people easy access to current conditions in streams across Texas. It was developed to help raise water awareness during floods and normal conditions. The mobile-friendly website offers three ways to view streamflow or other data, including using your phone’s GPS system, clicking on an area of interest, or by searching for a physical location. 

Watch a video about water on-the-go: Quick Overview || App Details

Results show what is happening in streams and lakes near you and how quickly conditions are changing around you—this information is critical during flood events. Recreationalists can also use the information to help determine the best places or times to go boating, fishing or hiking.

“Water On-the-Go” includes integration with USGS Water Alert. Water Alert is a subscription service that provides user-specified water information at USGS streamgage locations direct to your mobile device or email inbox. Water Alert can provide messages on an hourly or daily basis. Click the ‘subscribe’ button in the “Water On-the-Go” mobile app to get connected.



Screen shot of the water on-the-go mobile app

Screen shot of the water on-the-go mobile app.

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