2019 Regional geophysical surveys of northern and central Cascadia (offshore Washington and Oregon)

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Geophysical data collected offshore of Washington and Oregon in 2019, a USGS-University of Washington partnership

Illustration of the seafloor off the coast with areas highlighted to show detail.

2019 USGS regional geophysical surveys of northern and central Cascadia (offshore Washington and Oregon)

These surveys are part of the USGS project, “Cascadia Subduction Zone Marine Geohazards.”


Systematic characterization of upper plate structure and offshore geohazards in northern Cascadia.


USGS Scientists: Nathan Miller and Janet Watt (Principal Investigators) (Photo 1), Jared Kluesner, Pat Hart, Ray Sliter, Alicia Balster-Gee, Rob Wyland, Alex Nichols, Sam Heller, Rachel Marcuson; UW Scientist Emily Roland (PI); UW students Emma Myers, Anna Boyar, Chris Williams and Kevin Pszczola


University of Washington

Platform Used

University of Washington’s R/V Rachel Carson (Photo 4)

Data Collected

Sparker multi-channel seismic (MCS), Chirp sub-bottom (Photos 2, 3, & 5)


  • Systematic cross-margin imaging of entire U.S. margin is complete
  • Imaging confirms highly variable along-strike structure and morphology of the wedge
A man and woman stand together smiling with the sun setting over the water behind them.

Photo 1: USGS principal investigators Nathan Miller and Janet Watt onboard R/V Rachel Carson. Credit: Janet Watt, USGS



    Two people stand on the deck of a boat near a large cable winch.

    Photo 2: USGS engineering tech Rachel Marcuson (left) and research geophysicist Nathan Miller prepare the seismic streamer for deployment offshore northern Cascadia. Credit: Janet Watt, USGS

    View from the deck of a boat that has equipment sitting on the deck and a bridge in the background.

    Photo 3: USGS chirp sub-bottom profiler on the deck of R/V Rachel Carson leaving Newport, OR. Credit: Janet Watt, USGS


    A research vessel floating on the water.

    Photo 4: University of Washington’s R/V Rachel Carson. Credit – UW School of Oceanography

    A man sits at a table, looking at a computer monitor, he is wearing headphones.

    Photo 5: USGS research geophysicist Pat Hart processing MCS data onboard R/V Rachel Carson. Credit: Janet Watt, USGS