Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Habitat Management

Natural areas, such as National Parks and Wildlife Refuges, are important habitats for wildlife as well as having other uses.  Land managers must balance the multiple purposes of the lands they manage. Our scientists help land managers by providing science to understand how wildlife use different habitats, how these habitats are changing and how other uses of these habitats can affect wildlife.  We help address such questions for a wide variety of habitats including coastal areas, wetlands, freshwater streams and rivers, and forests.  Since we are located within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, some of our work is focused on habitats of the Bay.

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Date published: April 9, 2018
Status: Active


Our nation’s rivers have many uses. People have altered the flow of some rivers through diversions, dams, and water use.  Such changes can affect fish populations and our scientist work to understand these effects by answering such questions as “How is survival of young fish affected by streamflow patterns?” and “How do fish communities respond to changes in water management?”