Patuxent Library Services

Science Center Objects

The Patuxent Library provides reference services and support to the staff of the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and also responds to inquiries from the general public. The collection focuses on birds, contaminants, monitoring, and wetlands as related to wildlife research. 

Visitor use  

The Library is open to visitors during normal working hours. Call or e-mail us first so we can determine if staff will be available to assist you on the date you plan to arrive.  It gives us a chance to discuss the type of topics you wish to pursue, and whether our holdings will be helpful.   Materials may be used for reference, but may not be checked out.  Interlibrary loan arrangements must be made to borrow books.

Hours        8:00 - 4:00  Monday - Friday.  No weekend hours.

Interlibrary Loan

We are a member of OCLC.  To borrow from us through OCLC, enter our symbol, FZT, once in the lender string.  We also accept requests from other libraries via phone.

Staff may initiate interlibrary loan requests by logging into our Helpdesk Jitbit system.