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Patuxent Wildlife Research Center


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Date published: September 2, 1997


Computes estimates of survival and capture probability and the proportion of transients in open population capture-recapture data.

Date published: February 1, 1996


Analyzes dose responses for two populations, using the PROBIT model and the abbreviated protocol as described by Link et al(1996).

Date published: January 26, 1996


Computes estimates of survival-movement and capture probability for open capture-recapture models.

Date published: November 8, 1994


Compares estimates of survival (or any normally distributed parameter estimates).

Date published: April 26, 1994


Tests the hypothesis of prey-selectivity based on random samples of predator scats.

Date published: February 24, 1994


Estimates fatalities using raw counts of wildlife fatalities, trial experiments for carcass detection probability and persistence time.

Date published: June 2, 1989

BAND2: A Computer Program for Sample Size Computations for Banding Studies

Computes the number of animals that must be banded in order to achieve a specified level of precision for survival rates estimated using band recovery models.

Date published: April 26, 1988


Computes the power of between-model likelihood ratio tests.

Date published: January 12, 1988


Computes estimates of survival and temporary emigration under the "Open Robust Design".

Date published: October 28, 1987


Computes estimates of survival and capture probability for capture-recapture experiments on open animal populations.

Date published: April 5, 1987


Computes estimates of capture probability and population size for "closed" population capture-recapture data.

Date published: March 26, 1986


Computes estimates of survival (or any model parameter) with multinomially distributed data.