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Date published: January 1, 2016

Title: Location of select depressional wetlands at Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge where water level monitoring was conducted: July 2010 - September 2015

This dataset contains the approximate location of monitored wetlands. Date were collected with a Garmin GPS map62. These locations correspond to wetlands that were instrument with hydrologic monitoring equipment. The mention of firm, product, or trade names is done so for informative purposes only and does not constitute and recommendation or endorsement by the federal government.

Date published: January 1, 2016

Title: Water level data from select depressional wetlands at Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge: July 2010 - September 2015

This dataset contains records of hourly water level and water temperature measurements from select wetlands at Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Beginning in July 2010, hydrologic monitoring equipment was installed in 24 wetlands. Instrumentation included a staff gage and a non-vented continuous logging pressure transducer (Onset Comp U20) that logged data at 1-hour intervals. An addit...

Date published: January 1, 2016

Concentrations and associated method information for pharmaceutical contaminants analyzed in Fourmile Creek near Ankeny, Iowa, USA during the October 2012 to October 2014 wastewater treatment facility pre/post-closure assessment

The USGS conducted a combined wastewater facility pre/post-closure groundwater assessment adjacent to an effluent-impacted reach of Fourmile Creek, Ankeny, Iowa, USA. This data release includes pharmaceutical concentration data for Fourmile Creek determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and HPLC-MS/MS during the period October 2012 to October 2014, along with associ

Date published: January 1, 2016

Standard erosion pin data from Cumberland Island National Seashore (CUIS), February 2012 - May 2013

This dataset contains cumulative erosion magnitude measured at individual erosion pins at select sites along the western margin of CUIS. Additionally, the data are presented as rates and summarized to the site level to facilitate comparison with other methods used to estimate erosion with slightly varying temporal ranges.

Date published: January 1, 2016

Radionuclide and Pesticide data for sediment age and source analysis in the Midwest Stream-Quality Assessment Region (2013-2014)

A study examining the sources and ages of fine-grained bed material (<0.063 mm) was conducted for 99 sites in the USGS NAWQA Midwest Stream Quality Assessment (MSQA) during the summer of 2014, including 15 suspended sediment and 5 cropland top soil samples. Bed material samples were analyzed for radionuclides (7Be, 210Pbex, 137Cs) and pesticides (bifenthrin and DDE); s

Date published: January 1, 2016

Water level data during pumping for stressed HPFM measurements for selected boreholes near GMH Electronics Superfund site, Roxboro, NC (2012-2015)

The collection of borehole geophysical logs and images and continuous water-level data was conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey South Atlantic Water Science Center in the vicinity of the GMH Electronics Superfund site near Roxboro, North Carolina, during December 2012 through July 2015. The study purpose was part of a continued effort to assist the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in t...

Date published: January 1, 2016

Targeted-Organic-Chemical Analysis Concentration Data for Surface-Water Samples Collected from 38 Stream Sites across the USA during 2012-2014

Surface-water organic contaminant concentration data for targeted chemical analysis of over 800 organic analytes in surface water from 38 stream site representing national gradients in urban and agricultural land use in the USA during 2012-14. ScienceBase Data Release for journal article entitled, "Expanded Target-Chemical Analysis Reveals Extensive Mixed-Organic-Contaminant Exposure in USA S...

Date published: January 1, 2016

Precipitation, surface-water discharge, and groundwater elevation data for Fourmile Creek, Ankeny, Iowa, USA during October 1, 2013 to November 30, 2013

Dataset includes continuous discharge at the USGS (Station ID: 05485605) Fourmile Creek near Ankeny, IA DS1 gage site ( as well as daily precipitation and water level data in select groundwater piezometers recorded in 10 minute intervals during the period Oct 1, 2013 to...

Date published: January 1, 2016

Appendix 1 - Water-quality data for surface-water samples collected from October 2011 through September 2013 at the Triangle Area Water Supply Monitoring Project study sites, North Carolina

The dataset contains the environmental data collected for the Triangle Area Water Supply Monitoring Project. The data are from the samples collected during routine and storm-runoff sampling events during October 2011 through September 2013. Several study sites contained in this dataset were sampled for other USGS projects during the same time frame. Unless the samples at these sites were...

Date published: January 1, 2016

Underwater acoustic Data From Select Sites on Cumberland Island National Seashore (CUIS), May 2012 - May 2013

This dataset contains average sound intensity (in decibels full scale) for time windows when the water level was at or above the margin toe at four sites - Brickhill Bluff (bb), Dungeness Wharf (dw), Plum Orchard (po), and Racoon Key (rk) - along the back barrier margin of CUIS. Data were recorded with submerged hydrophones connected to a continuously recording data-log

Date published: January 1, 2016

Development of a Coastal Drought Index Using Salinity Data

A critical aspects of the uniqueness of coastal drought is the effects on salinity dynamics of creeks and rivers. The location of the freshwater-saltwater interface along the coast is an important factor in the ecological and socio-economic dynamics of coastal communities. Salinity is a critical response variable that integrates hydrologic and coastal dynamics including streamflow,...

Date published: January 1, 2016

Field surveyed wetland perimeters at Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge: 2010 - 2013

This dataset contains morphologic data from 32 wetlands, currently being monitored as part of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) from Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge (SMNWR). These data were used as a calibration dataset to inform a landscape classification procedure for depressional wetland identification. These sites covered