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October 7, 2016

USGS Live Video on Hurricane Matthew

This was a Facebook Live Video conducted with USGS Hydrologist, Brian McCallum from the South Atlantic Water Science Center in Norcross, GA. The original URL for this Facebook Live video is at:

Two men mark a high-water mark on a structure
August 26, 2016

USGS Scientists Mark a High-Water Mark in Louisiana

Daniel McCay and Chris Henry, USGS hydrologic technicians, use a level to draw a line on a high-water mark August 26. In most circumstances, when a high-water mark is flagged it would then be surveyed with GPS equipment to obtain its exact coordinates and elevation. However, because of the possibility of more storms hitting Louisiana the teams were initially only

Two men walk by debris along the side of the road
August 26, 2016

Looking for High-Water Marks

Daniel McCay and Chris Henry, U.S. Geological Survey hydrologic technicians, search a neighborhood south of Denham Springs, Louisiana, for high-water marks August 26. The term high-water mark refers to the debris flood waters will leave on walls, buildings and trees. This thin line of residue is an indicator of how high the waters reached, yet the fragile nature of

A man in an orange shirt writes on a pad of paper
August 26, 2016

Recording a High-Water Mark

Jonathan Gillip, USGS hydrologist, documents a high-water mark he flagged near a damage retirement community in Denham Springs, Louisiana, August 26. So far, USGS teams have flagged and surveyed more than 400 high-watermarks across southern Louisiana.

Two men stand next to a building in yellow life jackets
August 26, 2016

Surveying a High-Water Mark

Chris Henry and Daniel McCay, USGS hydrologic technicians, use GPS equipment to survey a high-water mark outside of a flooded elementary school in Denham Springs, Louisiana, August 28. This school was located in one of the hardest hit flood areas and the blue line simulates how high the water was at its peak during this historic flood.

A freshwater spring during normal groundwater levels and during a drought, when groundwater levels had fallen
July 19, 2016

Droughts can affect groundwater levels and freshwater springs..

Comparison of water from an underground spring in Georgia  during non-drought and drought periods.
Radium Springs, Albany, Georgia, USA

Freshwater springs on the land's surface are fed by groudwater findings its way to the surface. But, groundwater levels go up and down depending on the supply of water from precipitation and flow through the

Thermoelectric power plant with cooling towers, smokestacks, and transmission towers
April 9, 2016

Thermoelectric power plant Bowen owned by Georgia Power Company

Thermoelectric power plant Bowen owned by Georgia Power Company, from Highway 113, Euharlee, Bartow County, Georgia. Plant Bowen is one of the largest coal-fired power plants in the United States. Plant Bowen uses recirculating cooling, decreasing the amount of water that must be withdrawn.

Image: Green Tree Frog
December 31, 2014

Green Tree Frog

This green tree frog (Hyla cinerea) sits on the lip of a pitcher plant in a bog in Alabama. The frog was down in the pitcher plant, but moved up to rest on its edge as the photographer approached.