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Climate Change and Drought

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Date published: December 5, 2016

Desert Tortoise Ecology in Joshua Tree National Park

Agassiz’s desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) approach the southern edge of their mostly Mojave Desert range near Joshua Tree National Park. Modern desert tortoise research started in the Park in 1978 when the first tortoise population census was conducted on a one square mile area in the Pinto Basin known as the “Barrow Plot.” U.S. Geological Survey research began at the plot in 1997 and...

Date published: November 18, 2016

Colorado Plateau Extreme Drought in Grassland Experiment (EDGE)

In drylands, short-term extreme droughts can have profound ecosystem effects, depending on the timing (seasonality) of drought and the sensitivities of the dominant plants and plant functional types. Past work suggests that cool season drought may disproportionately impact regionally important grass and shrub species. In this study, we are examining the impacts of extreme seasonal drought on...

Contacts: Mike Duniway, Ph.D., Jayne Belnap, David Hoover