GCMRC Scientist & Staff Directory

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Below is a list of GCMRC scientists and key project support staff with their contact information provided.  Names and positions are linked to each individual's USGS staff profile page (where applicable), so click there to find out more about each person's background, research interests and science products.  Clicking on email addresses will generate a new email message to that individual.


Timothy Andrews (Physical Scientist) – PHONE: 928-556-7345, E-MAIL:  tandrews@usgs.gov

Lucas Bair (Economist) - PHONE: 928-556-7362, E-MAIL: lbair@usgs.gov

David Dean (Research Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7297, E-MAIL: djdean@usgs.gov

Bridget R. Deemer (Postdoctoral Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7316, E-MAIL: bdeemer@usgs.gov

Kimberly L. Dibble (Research Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7327, E-MAIL: kdibble@usgs.gov

Michael Dodrill (Fisheries Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7323, E-MAIL: mdodrill@usgs.gov

Laura Durning (Research Specialist) - PHONE: 928-556-7397, E-MAIL: ldurning@usgs.gov

Paul Grams (Research Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7385, E-MAIL: pgrams@usgs.gov

Ronald Griffiths (Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7069, E-MAIL: rgriffiths@usgs.gov

Thomas Gushue (IT Specialist) - PHONE: 928-556-7370, E-MAIL: tgushue@usgs.gov

Meredith A. Hartwell (Technical Information Specialist) - PHONE: 928-556-7373, E-MAIL:  mhartwell@usgs.gov

James Hensleigh (Geographer) - PHONE: 928-556-7227, E-MAIL: jhensleigh@usgs.gov

Theodore Kennedy (Ecologist) – PHONE: 928-556-7374, E-MAIL:  tkennedy@usgs.gov

Anya Nova Metcalfe (Biologist/Student Trainee) - PHONE: 928-556-7049, E-MAIL: ametcalfe@usgs.gov

Jeffrey D. Muehlbauer (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7328, E-MAIL: jmuehlbauer@usgs.gov

Emily Palmquist (Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7397, E-MAIL: epalmquist@usgs.gov

Thomas A. Sabol (Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7367, E-MAIL: tsabol@usgs.gov

Joel B. Sankey (Research Geologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7289, E-MAIL: jsankey@usgs.gov

David J. Topping (Research Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7396, E-MAIL: dtopping@usgs.gov

Nicholas Voichick (Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7375, E-MAIL:  nvoichick@usgs.gov

David Ward (Research Fish Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7280, E-MAIL: dlward@usgs.gov

Charles Yackulic (Research Statistician) - PHONE: 928-556-7379, E-MAIL: cyackulic@usgs.gov