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SBSC Scientist Directory

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Click on "Science" to go to the SBSC scientist directory. When you click on a scientist's name (you may need to scroll down to see all the names), you will be taken to that scientist's professional page and contact information. 

Terry Arundel (Geographer) - PHONE: 928-556-7174, E-MAIL: tarundel@usgs.gov

Lucas Bair (Economist) - PHONE: 928-556-7362, E-MAIL: lbair@usgs.gov

Jayne Belnap (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7555, E-MAIL: jayne_belnap@usgs.gov

John Bradford (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-523-7766, E-MAIL: jbradford@usgs.gov

David Dean (Research Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7297, E-MAIL: djdean@usgs.gov

Bridget R. Deemer (Postdoctoral Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7316, E-MAIL: bdeemer@usgs.gov

Kimberly L. Dibble (Research Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7327, E-MAIL: kdibble@usgs.gov

Charles Drost (Research Zoologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7187, E-MAIL: charles_drost@usgs.gov

Mike Duniway (Research Ecologist & Soil Scientist) - PHONE: 928-556-7530, E-MAIL: mduniway@usgs.gov

Rose Egelhoff (Biological Soils Technician) - PHONE: 435-719-2312, E-MAIL: regelhoff@usgs.gov

Erika Geiger (Supervisory Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7559, E-MAIL: egeiger@usgs.gov

Paul Grams (Research Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7385, E-MAIL: pgrams@usgs.gov

Ronald Griffiths (Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7069, E-MAIL: rgriffiths@usgs.gov

Ed Grote (Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7538, E-MAIL: ed_grote@usgs.gov

Thomas Gushue (IT Specialist) - PHONE: 928-556-7370, E-MAIL: tgushue@usgs.gov

James Hensleigh (Geographer) - PHONE: 928-556-7227, E-MAIL: jhensleigh@usgs.gov

Kirsten E. Ironside (Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7374, E-MAIL: kironside@usgs.gov

Alan Kasprak (Research Geologist - Mendenhall Post-Doc) - PHONE: 928-556-7364, E-MAIL: akasprak@usgs.gov

Anna Knight (Biologist) - PHONE: 435-259-2312, E-MAIL: aknight@usgs.gov

Jeffrey E. Lovich (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7358, E-MAIL: jeffrey_lovich@usgs.gov

Anya Nova Metcalfe (Biologist/Student Trainee) - PHONE: 928-556-7049, E-MAIL: ametcalfe@usgs.gov

Jeffrey D. Muehlbauer ( Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7328, E-MAIL: jmuehlbauer@usgs.gov

Erich Mueller (Research Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-679-0931, E-MAIL: emueller@usgs.gov

Seth Munson (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-523-7740, E-MAIL: smunson@usgs.gov

Pamela Nagler (Research Physical Scientist) - PHONE: 520-670-6671, E-MAIL: pnagler@usgs.gov

Travis W. Nauman (Soil Scientist) - PHONE: 928-556-7537, E-MAIL: tnauman@usgs.gov

Emily Palmquist (Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7397, E-MAIL: epalmquist@usgs.gov

Shellie (Michele) R. Puffer (Wildlife Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7344, E-MAIL: mpuffer@usgs.gov

Sasha C. Reed (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7534, E-MAIL: screed@usgs.gov

Thomas A. Sabol (Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7367, E-MAIL: tsabol@usgs.gov

Joel B. Sankey (Research Geologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7289, E-MAIL: jsankey@usgs.gov

Ken Sheehan (Fishery Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7039, E-MAIL: ksheehan@usgs.gov

Brent Sigafus (Biologist) - PHONE: 520-670-6671, E-MAIL: bsigafus@usgs.gov

Kathryn A. Thomas (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 520-670-6671 ext. 238, E-MAIL: kathryn_a_thomas@usgs.gov

David J. Topping (Research Hydrologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7396, E-MAIL: dtopping@usgs.gov

Colin Tucker (Research Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7535, E-MAIL: ctucker@usgs.gov

Charles van Riper III (ST Research Ecologist, Emeritus) - PHONE: 520-670-6671, E-MAIL: charles_van_riper@usgs.gov

David Ward (Research Fish Biologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7280, E-MAIL: dlward@usgs.gov

Daniel Winkler (Plant Ecophysiologist & Evolutionary Ecologist) - PHONE: 928-556-7549, E-MAIL: dwinkler@usgs.gov

Charles Yackulic (Research Statistician) - PHONE: 928-556-7379, E-MAIL: cyackulic@usgs.gov