St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Emailsort descending Phone
Research Geologist (Mendenhall) Daniel Ciarletta, Ph.D. 727-502-8068
Environmental and Public Health Microbiologist Dale Griffin 850-274-3566
Research Oceanographer Davina L Passeri, PhD 727-502-8014
Physical Scientist David Thompson 727-502-8079
Research Oceanographer David Zawada 727-502-8132
Contractor, Researcher VI Emily Wei, Ph.D. 727-502-8042
Information Technology Specialist Heather Henkel 727-502-8028
Geographer (Data Management) Heather A Schreppel 727-502-8013
Science Advisor for Coastal Change Hazards Hilary Stockdon 727-483-2870
Contractor, Technician II Hunter Wilcox 727-502-8060
Contractor, Student Contractor Isabelle Atchia 727-502-8145
Research Marine Biologist Ilsa B Kuffner, Ph.D. 727-502-8048