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Image: Building a Boardwalk

Building a Boardwalk

Scientists build a boardwalk to access mangrove forest to sample fish.

Snapshot image for Sand Key, Florida

Most recent snapshot from Sand Key, Florida.

Image of the front page of Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2012
March 22, 2019

Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2012

The stories in the Jan. - Feb. 2012 issue of Sound Waves:

Arctic Expedition Reaches 88.5 Degrees North Latitude—Fourth Joint U.S.-Canada Survey for Purpose of Delineating Extended

Image: Clearing a Lift Net

Clearing a Lift Net

Scientists clear a lift net to capture intertidal fish in mangrove forest.

Image of the front page of Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2011
March 22, 2019

Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2011

The stories in the Nov. - Dec. 2011 issue of Sound Waves:

Elwha Dam Removal Begins—Long-Planned Project Will Restore Ecosystem, Salmon Runs 

Mechanical Arm + Internet = Realtime

Image: Accessing Hurricane-Produced Mudflat BSC

Accessing Hurricane-Produced Mudflat BSC

Mudflats (open water in background) derived via erosion and habitat conversion from former mangrove forests often have a band of mangroves adjacent to the creek bank.  Here a researcher accesses a mudflat at high tide to make measurements.