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Date published: April 14, 2020
Status: Active

Conservation and Restoration of Native Freshwater Mussels

Freshwater mussels are the most imperiled group of animals in North America, with 66% of species at risk. Mussel populations are declining globally, but the factors contributing to these declines are largely unknown. Habitat fragmentation and alteration, point- and non-point source pollution, navigation-related impacts, and exotic species introductions are thought to be responsible for mussel...

Contacts: Teresa J Newton
Date published: July 3, 2017
Status: Completed

Movement Patterns of Native Mussels in the Upper Mississippi River: Response to Water Level Management

Impact of UMESC Science

This research aims to estimate the fraction of mussels that are able to avoid short-term mortality during a water level drawdown by burrowing or moving horizontally into deeper water. Resource managers can use this critical information about mussel behavior and survival to make informed river management decisions.   

Contacts: Teresa J Newton