Developing a Pre-Event Planning Tool for Modified Unified Method Fishing Events (Web Application)

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The USGS is adapting the Chinese Unified Method, a fishing harvest method that uses herding techniques and a variety of nets to drive fish and concentrate them into a concentrated area for capture, in the fight against invasive Asian carps. This “Modified Unified Method” incorporates adapted techniques and modern technology for efficient, mass removal of bigheaded carp in North American waters. Further testing and development of this fishing method seeks to improve its effectiveness and efficiency to maximize Asian carp removal efforts.

In support of Modified Unified Method (MUM) removal efforts, decision support tools are being developed to help researchers and fisheries managers more effectively implement MUM events. This pre-event planning tool, a web application developed in ArcGIS Online, provides a simple-to-use map viewer with high-resolution bathymetric data layers. MUM event managers can draw their planned fishing operations on the map interface, identify potential areas where fish might evade capture (e.g., gaps between fishing nets and the bottom of the river or lake), adjust planned net locations accordingly, and visualize the updated results. This pre-planning tool also allows event managers to take this type of operational information into the field with them during MUM events.  


Map interface of the Modified Unified Method (MUM) Pre-Planning Tool web application, in ArcGIS Online

Sample map interface of the Modified Unified Method Pre-Planning Tool web application, which can be used by fisheries managers to plan out the best locations to deploy fishing gear before implementing Modified Unified Method events to support mass removal of Asian carps.

(Credit: Stephanie Sattler, USGS - UMESC. Public domain.)

 This effort is funded in part by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI).