Development of a Broad Microarray Technology to Survey for Aquatic Pathogens

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Assessing Impacts of Emerging and Established Diseases to Aquatic Ecosystems

The need to maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems and sustain healthy communities is greatly recognized. Aquatic pathogens pose a threat to many organisms, and being able to identify and test for an array of aquatic pathogens is important in understanding the overall health of an aquatic system. A DNA microarray tool will be developed for detection of a broad suite of aquatic pathogens (fish, amphibian, mussel) that are indicative of ecosystem health. This tool will allow for whole aquatic systems to be tested for the presence or absence of many aquatic pathogens, allowing for management decisions to be more informed.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the utility of microarray technology to survey for aquatic pathogens. The specific objectives for this project are as follows:


  1. Develop probes for significant aquatic pathogens.
  2. Construct an array using DNA probes.
  3. Demonstrate detection of DNA from pathogens in a complex mixture of DNA.
  4. Conduct training with fish health specialists to demonstrate technology.