USGS Safety and Occupational Health Award of Excellence Individual Awardee

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Randy Hines with the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC) has assisted in developing an outstanding safety program. As the Center’s Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator (CDSPC), he coordinates the Center safety program, industrial hygiene monitoring, and employee safety training. Randy maintains the Center’s safety plans and ensures each employee has created a personal hazard analysis (PHA) and verifies completion of training.

Randy was instrumental in the Center’s coordination to assess and monitor PFAS in groundwater. He also helps to ensure biosafety/biosecurity measures are in place. In addition, he oversees the Center’s safety training program, monitors PHA/DOI Talent course completion. During the pandemic, Randy assisted Center management in locating virtual and hands-on safety trainings to further ensure personnel could complete mission essential work. Personnel were safely provided mission essential safety training (such as MOCC Operator, UTV, skid steer, and over-the-water training).

Photo of biologist Randy Hines

Image of Biologist Randy Hines.

(Credit: Robert Kratt, USGS. )

Randy coordinates employee exposure monitoring (noise, chemical, biological) to aid in determining the level of exposure and implements controls needed to limit exposure. Randy manages the Center’s respiratory protection plan and helped to locate appropriate respiratory protection for personnel working with toxins. He also actively serves on the Center’s COVID-19 Coordination Team, helping to ensure COVID-19 supplies are available and that guidance is followed. Randy effectively communicates the importance of conducting safe science better ensures Center personnel have the knowledge to identify hazards which helps reduce the potential of serious accidents, injuries, and property damage.