Continuous Groundwater Monitoring Network - Minnesota

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This project monitors groundwater level, groundwater temperature and precipitation at hourly intervals at a long-term network of sites throughout Minnesota. These data are collected from surficial and buried aquifers and can be used to estimate groundwater recharge and assist water-availability assessments. Data are corrected to manual measurements at least twice per year and are available through the USGS NWIS-Web data portal.

The Upper Midwest Water Science Center in Minnesota currently operates and maintains 7 continuous groundwater monitoring site for the USGS Groundwater and Streamflow Information Program (GWSIP). These monitoring sites are strategically located in 7 of the 9 U.S. Climate Divisions in Minnesota. These sites measure water level, water temperature, and precipitation data and transmit those data in near real-time. These data are made available on the USGS NWIS-Web data portal. Additionally, any other continuous groundwater level data collection needed for USGS studies in Minnesota are operated through Minnesota’s “Continuous Groundwater Monitoring Network” project. Collecting and publishing groundwater level data through this network ensures that all groundwater level data are collected and published to the same USGS standards and policies across Minnesota. Current and historical groundwater level data in Minnesota can be retrieved at the following locations:


USGS Monitoring Well - Climate Response Network near Babbitt, MN

Site photo of a monitoring well for the USGS “Climate Response Network” program near Babbitt, MN. This monitoring well is part of a national network of wells to monitor the effects of droughts and other climate variability on groundwater levels. This site records hourly water level, hourly water temperature, and quarter-hourly precipitation. These data are telemetered hourly and available to view in near real-time on USGS NWISWeb. (Credit: Andrew Berg, USGS)

USGS Statistical Hydrograph

Statistical hydrograph from USGS Groundwater Watch website for USGS Climate Response groundwater monitoring site near Belle River, MN. Water level data at this site were near-median values during April-June 2018, but quickly increased to very high levels in July-August 2018 due to heavy rainfall events. Water levels dropped back to near-median values for the remainder of 2018. (Credit: USGS )