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Biologist/Lab Manager Job Posting Michigan Bacteriological Research Laboratory

The U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Upper Midwest Water Science Center (UMid WSC) is hiring a Biologist (Microbiology Lab Manager) GS-9 for the Environmental Microbiology Team.

Apply from 12:00 August 19, 2022 through 11:59pm September 6, 2022 on USAJobs. (See link below)

The U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Upper Midwest Water Science Center (UMid WSC) is pleased to announce we are seeking applicants for a Biologist (Microbiology Lab Manager) position to join the Environmental Microbiology Team. The Biologist will work with a collaborative team of scientists on studies related to the role microorganisms play in ecosystem processes and the effect they have on water quality and availability.  The team uses a wide array of traditional and modern molecular approaches to evaluate microbial pathogens, cyanobacteria, and antimicrobial resistance pathways in the environment and advance the understanding of how environmental contaminants affect microbial processes and influence the health of the Nation's aquatic resources, and consequently, the wildlife and humans using those resources. This team also continues to optimize new tools and assays to work with a variety of environmental matrices, including water, sediment, manure, biosolids, biofilms, plant material, and animal tissue. 

If you have a passion for working with an innovative and collaborative team of scientists, engaging in environmental microbiology research, lab management and training, and development and optimization of laboratory methods, then this job is for you. 

Positions: 1 Biologist (Microbiology Lab Manager) position at a GS-9 (Term; min. starting salary 54,727). 

Location: This position is in Lansing, Michigan working in the Michigan Bacteriological Research Laboratory. The position is in the USGS’s UMid WSC, which has ~180 employees that collect hydrologic data and conduct studies on water issues in the region. This position is within the science program, which is comprised of 9 theme-based science teams executing the investigative studies portion of our portfolio, representing ~$16M in annual funding, with nearly 60% coming from reimbursable partners.  

Specific Duties:  

  • Lab management, coordination, and administration of a Biosafety (BSL) 2 laboratory including quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) tasks associated with lab maintenance and project work; equipment maintenance and troubleshooting; supply ordering; and training new and existing staff in safe laboratory practices. 

  • Microbiology method development and drafting standard operating procedures (SOPs) including updating existing laboratory protocols; optimization or development of PCR and qPCR assays targeting pathogen and antibiotic resistance genes; and adaptation of published cultivation and molecular microbiology protocols. 

  • Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator/Collateral Duty Environmental Program Coordinator. 

  • Molecular project work (PCR, qPCR, sequencing) including DNA and RNA extraction from environmental samples or culture growth; gene-based assays identifying bacteria or viral species; gene-based assays targeting pathogen or antibiotic resistance genes; and prepping samples for next-generation sequencing. 

  • Data interpretation (bioinformatics, statistics, report writing) including basic data entry, summary statistics, bioinformatics, and reporting writing. Experience with basic programing and analysis in R, bioinformatics software or with high-performance computing is desired. 

How to apply: The description of the job and how to apply is live now on USAJobs (Apply here: GS-9) and will open be open for applications from August 19th to September 6th, 2022. Questions about the job can be directed to the hiring manager, Carrie Givens (she/her,