Keyport Groundwater Model

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The Issue: Chlorinated volatile organic compounds have impacted groundwater beneath a former 9-acre landfill at OU 1 of the Naval Base Kitsap Keyport, Washington.  The landfill is adjacent to tidal flats that are an extension of Liberty and Dogfish Bays and was the primary disposal area for domestic and industrial waste generated by NBK Keyport from the 1930s through 1973.

The Navy needs a detailed site-specific numerical groundwater flow and transport model that incorporates the refined site stratigraphy and location of persistent contaminant sources to appropriately reevaluate the Conceptual Site Model.

How USGS Will Help: The USGS will construct and calibrate a numerical groundwater flow and solute transport model for the Keyport peninsula including all of the NBK Keyport facility. The model will allow transient simulation of groundwater flow and contaminant transport. The stratigraphic framework for the model will be refined to incorporate recent updates to site stratigraphy and persistent contaminant source locations provided to USGS by the Navy.