Current Water Conditions Dashboard

Primary tabs

Current Water Conditions Dashboard features two tabs with real-time information for Groundwater and Surface Water sites. The third tab is a direct link to WaterQuality Watch real-time information website.

User Interface

The Overview, Groundwater, Surface Water and Water Quality tabs across the top of the map are used to switch between data types.
basemap toggle button
The basemap button offers several base layer options. Click to activate the menu. Click to select an option, and click the green button to collapse the menu.
full screen mode icon
Full Screen mode
This allows you to expand the map interface to the full size of your computers display, expanding past the web browser. Click the icon to activate, click again to deactivate
map zoom button icons
Zoom controls
The +/- buttons will zoom the map in or out. A quick double-click of the mouse will also zoom to the next level map.
full screen mode icon
Interactive Sites Explanation
The Sites Explanation serves as both an indicator of the types of site conditions as well as a toggle On/Off button. Clicking on the the site condition button will turn that set of conditions display on the map On or Off.
arrow button icons
Water Resources Conditions List
The list is an interactive menu that allows the user to select any condition on the map with a click. It is also collapsible by clicking on the triangle to remove it form view. The list will also scroll up and down to cover all of the points presented on the map.

About the Data

The colored, clickable, symbols on this map depict stream flow conditions as a percentile, which is computed from the period of record for the current day of the year. Only sites with at least 30 years of record are displayed. The gray colored sites indicate sites that were not ranked by percentiles either because they have fewer than 30 years of record or because they report parameters other than stream flow. Some sites, for example, measure stream stage only.

The clickable sites, Water Resources Conditions List, and Data Table at the bottom of the map are all connected. Interacting with any of them will activate pop-ups and display the site in both the Map, List and Table.

To see more about the data from a single site, click on the green "See More Data" button in the fly-out box.

Mobile View

The Water Data Dashboard is designed to work on mobile devices. All mobile gestures work with the map.

Pinch to zone gestures will zoom the map in and out. A double tap will also zoom into the tapped area of the map.

Each site shape is clickable and will open a pop-up box. The arrow in the site pop-up is clickable and will open a view of that sites data in NWIS or Groundwater Watch.

gear icon image
Gear Icon
The Data Table, Interactive Sites Explanation Buttons, and Basemap selector menus are all available by clicking the gear icon in the mobile view. Click the + to open and display more options.