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Image: USGS Science Aids Manatees
December 31, 2015

USGS Science Aids Manatees

For nearly four decades, the U.S. Geological Survey's Sirenia Project has been committed to understanding the biology and ecology of the West Indian manatee to aid managers in actions that could best help the population. To do this, USGS manatee researchers rely on a variety of tools and techniques.

A Cuban treefrog on a palm frond
December 23, 2015

A Cuban treefrog sighted in New Orleans

Non-native Cuban treefrogs have established a breeding population in New Orleans, Louisiana, the first such population on the U.S. mainland outside Florida. The treefrogs were discovered at the Audubon Zoo shortly after a shipment of palm trees from Florida were planted in the zoo's elephant enclosure in 2016. USGS scientist Brad Glorioso confirmed the presence of a

December 14, 2015

Manatee Health Assessment

USGS conducts a health assessment on a mantee in Crystal River, Florida.

Technician filters water sample containing eDNA
April 8, 2015

A water sample is prepped to be tested for environmental DNA

Laboratory technician Amelia Ulmer filters water collected in the field, to be analyzed for environmental DNA in the laboratory of Dr. Margaret Hunter. This sample was tested for Burmese python eDNA, in a process similar to that developed by Dr. Hunter for manatee eDNA.

Coastal wetlands near Port Fourchon, Louisiana, in the northern Gulf of Mexico
December 31, 2013

Coastal wetlands near Port Fourchon, La., Northern Gulf of Mexico

To understand how changes in rainfall and temperature might affect coastal wetlands in the northern Gulf of Mexico, USGS researchers conducted field studies at 10 estuaries in five states (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida). The fieldwork took place in a variety of coastal wetland types, including mangroves, marshes, and salt flats.

Red bubblegum coral
December 31, 2013

Red bubblegum coral at 440 meters deep in Norfolk Canyon

Red bubblegum coral (Paragorgia) and several colonies of Primnoa occupy a boulder in close proximity to an anemone and sea star, at approximately 440 meters depth in Norfolk Canyon. Image courtesy of Deepwater Canyons 2013 – Pathways to the Abyss, NOAA-OER/BOEM/USGS

Two manatees with radio transmitters attached
December 31, 2012

Two manatees with radio transmitters attached

Two manatees with radio transmitters attached

Brown Marsh in Southeast Louisiana
December 31, 2012

Brown Marsh in Southeast Louisiana

Brown Marsh observed in southeastern Terrebonne Basin, La