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Western Fisheries Research Center

Employee Directory

Title Name Email Phone
Center Director Jill Rolland, Sc.D. jrolland@usgs.gov 206-526-6291
Information Education Specialist Debra Becker dabecker@usgs.gov 206-526-6289
Administrative Officer Christopher Cox cacox@usgs.gov 206-526-6287
Administrative Operations Assistant Barry Egenes begenes@usgs.gov 206-526-6286
Budget Analyst Jennifer Harlan jharlan@usgs.gov 509-538-2983
Facility Operations Specialist Robert (Rob) Jackson rljackson@usgs.gov 206-526-2058
Supervisor - IT Specialist (SysAnalysis) Phong La pla@usgs.gov 206-526-2525
Laboratory Worker Penny Orr porr@usgs.gov 206-526-2064
IT (Systems Administration) Dennis Powers dmpowers@usgs.gov 509-538-2995
Administrative Operations Assistant Rosalyn (Roz) Rotz rrotz@usgs.gov 206-526-2526
Administrative Operations Assistant Seok Wilson shwilson@usgs.gov 509-538-2926
Research Fish Biologist, Emeritus John Beeman jbeeman@usgs.gov 509-538-2967