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Date published: February 19, 2019

Human Bacteria, Viruses from Sewage Found in Some Milwaukee Streams

Two types of human-associated bacteria and three types of human viruses were detected in Milwaukee streams within the Menomonee River watershed, according to a recent study led by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Date published: February 7, 2018

Water-Quality Monitoring Program Aids Restoration of Great Lakes

A new water-quality monitoring program, established by the U.S. Geological Survey, can provide scientists and managers with the best available data to help evaluate the health of Great Lakes ecosystems and improve water quality for recreation and commercial fishing.

Date published: April 6, 2017

Wells Affect Water Flows in the Central Sands Region

Both irrigation wells and municipal wells affect flows in the Little Plover River near Plover, Wisconsin, stretches of which ran dry in past years, according to a new scientific report.

Date published: March 2, 2017

Human, Cattle Viruses Detected in Some Great Lakes Tributaries

Human and bovine, or cattle, viruses were detected in a small percentage of some Great Lakes Basin streams, with human viruses more prevalent in urban streams and bovine viruses more common in streams in agricultural areas, according to a recent U.S. Geological Survey-led study.

Date published: July 19, 2016

USGS participates in streamflow-data learning exchange with Philippine government

USGS scientists participated in a remote presentation to the Philippine government on Tuesday, July 19th. The USGS presented information on our National Streamflow Information Program; discharge measurement innovations; flood inundation mapping and data collection; and USGS water information systems. The Philippines, in turn, presented their National Hydrologic Data Collection Program.

Date published: May 30, 2016

How are waterfalls made?

Faith Fitzpatrick (USGS) discussed how waterfalls are made in a recent episode of Blue Sky Science, which answers science-related questions submitted by the public.

Date published: April 28, 2016

Welcome to the New USGS.gov

Our transitional site includes the new usgs.gov and more than 180 top-level pages (Mission Areas, Programs, Regions, our three new Science Center websites, Products, Connect, About, etc.). We will migrate more USGS websites into this new experience; check back often to see our progress.