Wisconsin Water Science Center

Groundwater Water Quality

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Date published: April 20, 2016

Groundwater monitoring and research

Groundwater is an important water resource for Wisconsin. The USGS collects information on the quality and quantity of Wisconsin's groundwater and conducts advanced modeling of groundwater flow and groundwater/surface-water systems. The USGS also evaluates the effects of water-use, land-use, and climate change on groundwater, surface-water, and the ecosystems that rely on them.

Date published: March 29, 2016
Status: Active

TC Chamberlin Modeling Center

The TC Chamberlin Modeling Center provides one-stop access to advanced computing so no project is limited by a lack of computer power. The Center can provide hardware access, assistance with migration and implementation, and training. We also develop, test, and disseminate state-of-the-art computational and analytical techniques and tools so models can be more effectively used in decision-...

Date published: February 19, 2016

PEST++: A Parameter ESTimation code optimized for large environmental models

The PEST++ software suite is object-oriented universal computer code written in C++ that expands on and extends the algorithms included in PEST, a widely used parameter estimation code written in Fortran. PEST++ is designed to lower the barriers of entry for users and developers while providing efficient algorithms that can accommodate large, highly parameterized problems.

Date published: February 18, 2016

PESTCommander: A graphical user interface for file and run management across networks

PESTCommander is an object-oriented Graphical User Interface (GUI) written in Python® that facilitates the management of model files ("file management") and remote launching and termination of slave computers across a distributed network of computers ("run management").

Date published: February 17, 2016
Status: Active

GENIE: A general model-independent TCP/IP run manager

GENIE is a model-independent suite of programs that can be used to generally distribute, manage, and execute multiple model runs via the TCP/IP infrastructure. The suite consists of a file distribution interface, a run manage, a run executer, and a routine that can be compiled as part of a program and used to exchange model runs with the run manager.

Contacts: Randall J Hunt, Ph.D., Chris Muffels
Date published: February 16, 2016

TSPROC: a general time-series processor to assist in model calibration and result summarization

TSPROC (Time Series PROCessor) is a software package designed to assist in the calibration of models by editing and distilling time series datasets into more meaningful observations to be used in the optimization objective function. The software performs calculations on time-series data associated with surface-water models, including calculation of flow volumes, transformation by means of...

Date published: February 15, 2016

Western Lake Michigan NAWQA Study Unit

Western Lake Michigan Drainages Study Unit in Wisconsin and Michigan was part of the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water-Quality Assessment Program during Cycle 1 and 2. Research in this study unit included assessments of surface water and ecology, groundwater, urbanization effects, and mercury.