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Continuous Water-Quality Measurements

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Date published: February 12, 2020
Status: Active

Characterizing Hydrologic and Geomorphic Processes in a Spring-Fed, Cold-Desert Headwater Stream

The role of natural versus human-influenced factors in sedimentation of Littlefield Creek, a small, high-desert creek in south-central Wyoming is currently unknown. In general, there is little empirical information about both hydrologic and geomorphic processes (together described as hydrogeomorphic) in these types of streams.  To develop a better understanding of  hydrogeomorphic processes,...

Date published: March 13, 2019
Status: Active

Wyoming-Montana Stream Water-Quality Network

The USGS monitors stream water quality in Wyoming and Montana in cooperation with State, County, local, and other Federal agencies. Water-quality data for these sites are available from the USGS National Water Information System Web Mapper application in the form of an interactive map. 

Date published: May 7, 2018
Status: Active

Characterization and Quantification of Salinity Loads from Blacks Fork above Smiths Fork near Lyman, Wyoming

The Blacks Fork is a stream that contributes a salinity load to the Colorado River Basin. In order to quantify the salinity load, collection of continuous streamflow and specific conductance data, and monthly sampling for total-dissolved solids will occur from April 2018 through September 2019. Calculations of monthly and annual salinity loading from the Blacks Fork will be published in 2020...

Date published: May 3, 2018
Status: Active

Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Water Resources

The Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative is a long-term science-based effort to assess and enhance aquatic and terrestrial habitats at a landscape scale in southwest Wyoming, while facilitating responsible development through local collaboration and partnerships. The WLCI is an interagency working group of partners that is beginning the process of establishing a much larger coalition of...