Characterization of Fish Creek and Evaluation of Nutrient Inputs to Watershed

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Fish Creek, an approximately 15-mile long tributary of the Snake River, is located in Teton County in western Wyoming near the town of Wilson.  Local residents began observing an increase in the growth of algae and aquatic plants in Fish Creek in about 2000. 

To more fully understand the hydrologic system and the possible relation to aquatic life in the stream, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Teton Conservation District, began conducting a multi-phase study to:

  • Describe the interaction of surface water and groundwater along Fish Creek
  • Determine if algal growth in Fish Creek is typical for a stream of its size and geographic area
  • Determine if nutrients entering Fish Creek are from nearby land use
  • Describe the quality of the water in Fish Creek and the health of its biological communities

The study was conducted in four phases and results are published in several reports and fact sheets:

Data describing the biological characteristics can be found at: archived data