Peak-Flow Frequency Analysis for Selected Montana Streamgages

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The Montana Department of Resources and Conservation requires peak-flow information for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain mapping for various locations across Montana. Accordingly, the USGS WY-MT Water Science Center has updated peak-flow frequencies for selected streamgages in the Beaverhead River, Clark Fork, Ruby, Jefferson and Madison River Basins, and for selected streamgages in Jefferson, Missoula, Granite, and Carbon Counties, Montana.

The data for these streamgages are publicly available on WY-MT WSC Peak-flow Frequency Analyses landing page.


The WY-MT WSC is currently analyzing peak-flow frequencies for selected streamgages in the Milk River Basin and in Teton and Powell Counties.

Peak-Flow Frequency Analyses by the U.S. Geological Survey Wyoming - Montana Water Science Center