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Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit Leader -- Research Fish Biologist
Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit
Phone: 406-994-2380
Administrative Officer
Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
Phone: 831-460-7431

Mirka Zapletal

Contractor, Community Outreach Specialist
Wetland and Aquatic Research Center
Phone: 337-266-8500
Supervisory Budget Analyst
Western Ecological Research Center
Phone: 916-278-9481
Fort Collins Science Center
Phone: 509-427-9521
Hydrologic Technician
USGS Nevada Water Science Center
Phone: 702-295-7019
Southwest Region
Phone: 303-236-5838
California Water Science Center
Phone: 916-278-3167
Information Technology Specialist
Great Lakes Science Center
Phone: 734-214-7211
Deputy Program Coordinator
Phone: 703-648-4243
Hydrologist & Sediment Team Lead
Midwest Region
Phone: 763-783-3100
Center Director
USGS Kansas Water Science Center
Phone: 785-832-3539