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Phone: 518-285-5608
Research Geologist
Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center
Phone: 303-236-1296
Research Geologist
USGS Climate and Land Use Change
Phone: 650-329-4972
Research Geophysicist
Volcano Science Center
Phone: 650-329-5261
Research Hydrologist
Phone: 303-236-5691
Team Lead-Hydrologist
Oregon Water Science Center
Phone: 503-251-3206
USGS Nevada Water Science Center
Phone: 775-887-7636
Center Director
Southwest Region
Phone: 405-651-6561
Wetland and Aquatic Research Center
Phone: 337-266-8500
Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Assistant Unit Leader -- Research Fish Biologist
Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Phone: 540-231-4501
Associate Director
Utah Water Science Center
Phone: 801-908-5048
USGS - South Atlantic Water Science Center
Phone: 678-924-6625