3D Elevation Program

3DEP National Indexing Scheme

3DEP acquires high-resolution elevation data for the Nation, collecting lidar projects of varying sizes across the United States. Care must be taken to avoid both data gaps and unnecessary overlap between adjacent collections in the national 3DEP elevation layer.  To assist partners who do not have a predefined tiling scheme, in fiscal year 2018, 3DEP developed a 1-kilometer by 1-kilometer tiling scheme for project planning in the conterminous United States.

The 3DEP national indexing scheme uses an Albers Equal Area projection (EPSG 6350). 3DEP project deliverables are delivered in the coordinate reference system(s) (CRS) and tiling scheme of the funding partners choosing but stakeholders are encouraged to adopt the 3DEP national indexing scheme for lidar acquisition project planning if they do not have a predefined or preferred CRS and tiling scheme. 

3DEP National Indexing Scheme

Map of an area in Louisiana illustrating how the original lidar survey footprint (red) is extended to complete the nearest 1-kilometer (km) tile, resulting in a slightly larger survey footprint (yellow). Each tile (black) is 1 km2 in area. 


Data Access: 

  • The 3DEP national indexing scheme is available as a map service

  • The 3DEP national indexing scheme is also available for download as a File Geodatabase, a Shapefile, or a GeoPackage from an FTP site