3D Elevation Program (3DEP)

Alaska Mapping

The 3DEP goal for Alaska, where cloud cover and remote locations preclude the use of light detection and ranging (lidar) in much of the State, is to complete statewide coverage of Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IfSAR) data.

This goal is a first priority of the The Alaska Mapping Initiative and the Alaska Mapping Executive Committee (AMEC), which is chaired by the DOI Assistant Secretary for Water and Science. AMEC is making significant progress on building the Federal investment and partnering with the State to complete statewide data coverage. The AMEC partnership is a model for collaboration that is needed to successfully complete 3DEP coverage nationwide. 

For more information about Alaska Mapping, please visit https://usgs.gov/alaskamap

3dep_Alaska Denali

This image is an oblique view of Denali, viewed from the northeast. The image is derived from IFSAR data, colored by elevation, with a hillshade relief applied. (Public domain.)