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Step 3: Save Changes to Existing Point

This section will walk you through the process of saving changes to an existing structure point.

If the information entered for a point is correct and properly formatted, and the point is located on the center of the correct building or cemetery grounds, then it is ready to be saved. If no changes were required, then make sure to click the Mark Reviewed button, to signal to other volunteers that it has been checked. Saving a point or marking it as reviewed will also credit it to your personal editing history. 


Before saving a point, double check the symbol, name, address, and location. Leave a note in the Edit Summary field citing any sources you referenced, what changes were made (if any), or any other bits of information you want included in the point’s edit history. 


Click the Save Structure button: 

The edit summary text box and save button in the editor panel
After double checking the attributes, symbol, and location of the point, include any desired notes, and click Save Structure.

After successfully saving a point, the editing window will transform into the edit history window where you can view all the information entered for the point and a list of past edits:

View of the edit history window after saving a point
After saving a point, you will be shown the edit history window. To edit another structure, pan to a different point, click on it to view its information, and repeat the research and editing processes.