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NGP User Engagement Office

Outreach and Partnerships

The goal of user engagement is to gather feedback on the products and services of The National Map so that future development will best meet USGS and Department of the Interior science objectives and provide the greatest value and impact for the Nation. Priority user communities include Hazards & Geologic Mapping, Natural Resources Conservation, and Water Resources.

Select the following image to view or download a list of 3DEP and BAA presentations/discussions that are provided by National Map Liaisons.

List of 3DEP and/or BAA presentations provided by National Map Liaisons.



The National Map partner and user engagement activities are conducted by a network of liaisons and coordinators:

  • User Engagement leadership in the National Geospatial Program (NGP) provides strategic direction and oversight to the range of The National Map partnership and user activities.
  • Federal Geospatial Liaisons work with the Federal Geographic Data Committee and other Federal agencies to develop and manage partnerships at the national and programmatic level to support development and use of The National Map.
  • Community of Use Coordinators lead and manage outreach to the priority user communities of The National Map; they also provide direction and guidance to USGS National Map Liaisons for expanding user outreach.
  • Alaska Mapping Project Manager coordinates National Geospatial Program efforts to modernize mapping for the State of Alaska.
  • The National Map Liaisons facilitate partnerships and agreements that improve the data holdings and the products and services of The National Map. Many liaisons also provide outreach and support to the priority user communities in the areas of Water Resources, Natural Resources Conservation and Geologic Hazards.
  • Associates are part-time liaisons who support both partnerships and user engagement and provide linkages to USGS science centers.




Following is the contact information for all members of the User Engagement office, including all National Map Liaisons:

User Engagement Management Team
David Saghy, NGP User Engagement Chief
Reston, VA   (703) 648-5954   dsaghy@usgs.gov

Steve Aichele, Coordinator for Water Resources Community of Use (WR COU)
New Cumberland, PA   (717) 730-6949   saichele@usgs.gov
Lance Clampitt, Coordinator for Hazards and Geologic Mapping Community of Use (HGM COU) & NGP Emergency Management   
Bozeman, MT   (406) 994-6919   lsclampitt@usgs.gov     
Tracy Fuller, Alaska Mapping Program Manager 
Denver, CO   (303) 202-4532   tfuller@usgs.gov

Greg Matthews, Coordinator for Natural Resources Conservation Community of Use (NRC COU)
Denver, CO   (303)-202-4446   gdmatthews@usgs.gov 
Brigitta Urban-Mathieux, Federal Liaison       
Reston, VA   (703) 648-5175   burbanma@usgs.gov

Sherry Durst, Project Manager
Denver, CO   (303) 236-5408   sldurst@usgs.gov


The National Map Liaisons and Associate Liaisons
Roger Barlow   Reston, VA   (703) 648-5189   rbarlow@usgs.gov   DC, DE, MD, NJ   WR COU

Tom Carlson   Tacoma, WA   (253) 552-1682   tcarlson@usgs.gov   WA, OR, ID   HGM COU

Chris Cretini   Lafayette, LA   (337) 266-8621   cretinic@usgs.gov   LA, AR   HGM COU

Drew Decker   San Diego, CA   (619) 225-6430   ddecker@usgs.gov   AZ, CA, HI, Pacific Basin    WR COU

Claire DeVaughan    Austin, TX   (512) 927-3583   cdevaugh@usgs.gov   TX, OK   NRC COU

Lou Driber   Tallahassee, FL   (850) 727-0496   ldriber@usgs.gov   FL, PR, USVI   NRC COU

Douglas Freehafer   Troy, NY   (518) 285-5620   dfreehaf@usgs.gov   Associate Liaison - NY   WR COU

George Heleine   Jackson, MS   (601) 933-2950   gheleine@usgs.gov   MS, AL, GA, TN   WR COU

Charles Hickman   Columbus, OH   (614) 430-7768   chickman@usgs.gov   MI, OH   HGM COU

Scott Hoffman   New Cumberland, PA   (717) 730-6945    hoffman@usgs.gov   Associate Liaison - PA   WR COU

Jim Langtry   Lincoln, NE    (402) 328-4128   jlangtry@usgs.gov   NE, IA, KS, WI, MN   HGM COU

Carol Lydic   Denver, CO    (303) 236-5436   clydic@usgs.gov   CO, NM   NRC COU

David Nail    Rolla, MO   (573) 308-3638   dnail@usgs.gov   IN, KY, IL, MO  WR COU

Craig Neidig   Charleston, WV   (304) 347-5130 x237   cneidig@usgs.gov   NY, PA, VA, WV   HGM COU

Lin Neifert   Pembroke, NH   (802) 522-8275   lineifert@usgs.gov   NH, VT, CT   NRC COU

Carol Ostergren   Santa Cruz, CA   (831) 460-7539   costergren@usgs.gov   CA, NV   HGM COU

Cole Ruckstuhl   Lafayette, LA   (337) 266-8542   ruckstuhlc@usgs.gov   Associate Liaison   HGM COU

Steve Shivers   Rapid City, SD   (605) 394-3216   spshivers@usgs.gov   SD, ND, MT, WY   NRC COU

Pete Steeves   Northborough, MA   (508) 490-5054    psteeves@usgs.gov   Associate Liaison - MA, RI   WR COU

Silvia Terziotti   Raleigh, NC   (919) 571-4090   seterzio@usgs.gov   Associate Liaison - NC, SC   WR COU

David Vincent   Salt Lake City, UT    (801) 975-3435   dmvincent@usgs.gov   UT, USDA Forest Service GSTC   NRC COU

Dan Walters   Augusta, ME   (207) 626-6628   danwalters@usgs.gov   MA, ME, RI   WR COU

Brian Wright   Anchorage, AK    (907) 201-0113   bwright@usgs.gov   AK   Alaska Activities