NGP User Engagement Office

UE Elevation Focus Area

The User Engagement Elevation Focus Area assists the National Geospatial Program in acquiring data and understanding user needs in support of the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP). Goals are to promote and support 3DEP partnership opportunities to acquire enhanced elevation data and to improve the experience for those downloading and using USGS elevation data in their applications.

The Elevation Focus Area is Engaged In:

  • Encouraging partners to participate in the 3DEP lidar acquisition Broad Agency Announcement
  • Identifying potential partner-acquired lidar datasets to be included in USGS national holdings
  • Providing support to the ongoing 3D Nation Requirements and Benefits Study
  • Maintaining the national lidar inventory (USIEI)
  • Supporting state efforts to establish statewide lidar acquisition plans
  • Developing training videos to aide in the download and use of lidar data
  • Administering user surveys to understand users' elevation requirements
  • Presenting training sessions on access and use of USGS elevation data in local GIS settings 
  • Engaging Native Americans and Native Alaskans regarding lidar acquistion over Tribal lands
  • Establishing MOUs with partnering federal agencies to streamline contractual agreements
  • Coordinating with national and local federal agency offices to establish lidar partnerships


Elevation Focus Area - Items of Interest:


Tracy Joe Fuller

Alaska Mapping Program Manager & UE Elevation Focus Area Coordinator
NGP User Engagement Office
Phone: 303-601-7652