Landsat Missions

Landsat Calibration Parameter Files

Calibration Parameter files (CPF) provide radiometric and geometric coefficients needed for processing of raw, uncorrected Landsat image data. Each timeframe specific CPF contains calibration coefficients that have been adjusted to correct for the time varying performance of the sensor.                    

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Calibration Parameter File Definition Documents for each sensor are available in the Related Content section below. 

Response Linearization Look Up Tables (RLUT)

Response Linearization Look Up Tables (RLUT) are additional files that accompany Calibration Parameter Files (CPF) and contain a mapping look up table to linearize the output of the Landsat 8  OLI and TIRS detectors.

Historical Calibration Parameter File Change Logs

Historical L5 TM and L7 ETM+ CPF Change Logs - details of files affected by CPF updates


Landsat 5 Bumper Mode Calibration Files

The bumper mode calibration files provide only the coefficients used for geometric processing of raw, uncorrected L5 TM bumper mode data. These coefficients are used to correct misalignments between the forward and reverse scans caused by the L5 TM switch to bumper mode operations on March 1, 2002. The same bumper mode calibration data are also provided in the L5 TM CPF above, but the single values contained in this file format will cover a wider monthly time interval (i.e., coarser trend) and may therefore be less accurate for a given date. In contrast, the L5 TM CPF will contain an array of daily trend values for the bumper mode calibration parameters.

Radiometric Linearization Look Up Table

The Radiometric Lookup Table (LUT) file listed in the Related Content provides the radiometric gain coefficients used for the processing of the Landsat 5 TM data. These same radiometric calibration values are also provided within the L5 TM CPF, along with many other radiometric and geometric processing coefficients.


Landsat Bias Parameter Files

Bias Parameter Files (BPFs) supply radiometric correction parameters that are applied during Level-1 processing of Landsat 8 data. BPFs are available for Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS).